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Sandblasts of Black Skorpion Company meet the highest requirements for quality and performance

Blasting and air hoses

Wear, statically neutral. Effective in any form of sandblasting works.

Crab connections and tip guards

Allow for reliable connection and quick release

Sandblasting nozzles

A wide range of nozzles for all types of abrasive blasting works.

Personal protective equipment

Everything you need to protect the health and life of Sandblasting: suit, helmet, air filter, etc.

Spare parts for sandblasts

Dosing closures, valves, tees, filters oil-moistures separators, control kits

Chambers (cabs) for sandblasting

Suitable for sandblasting works indoors

Combined spraying settings

High grade coating and coloring speed. Work with highly viscous materials. Transfer of material up to 75%

Electrostatic spraying settings

Provide a uniform layer of coating a part on both sides at the same time. Transfer of material up to 90%.

Pneumatic spraying settings

Simple and convenient devices. Give the opportunity to change color quickly, adjust the flame shape.

Settings for two component materials

In automatic mode meter, mix and spray two component materials.

Spray Gun and nozzles

A wide range of accessories designed in accordance to the standards of professional painting works.


Hoses (hosepipes) of high pressure for the material, for the air, hose fittings

Repair of equipment

Diagnostics. Quick repair. Possible visit of experts on the object. Warranty up to 6 months.

Maintenance of equipment

Checking equipment operability preseason. Preparation for storage until the next season.

Rent of sandblasting equipment

Full range for sandblasting works for rent from one day

Rent of painting equipment

Painting machines Graco for rent for a period of one day.

Karabash abrasive

Abrasive powder (kupershlak) for high-quality blast cleaning of the surface.


Primers are used to increase the protective properties of the coating scheme.

Priming enamel

The use of priming enamels allows obtaining high quality surfaces and to carry ...


Enamels are used as a topcoat and also as an independent coating, performing decorative and protective function.


The solvents are used for washing the equipment, preparing and degreasing surfaces, to dilute the paints and to achieve the desired viscosity.

Anticorrosion coating systems

It is a technically correct and economically sound solution to use coating systems.

The company "Daka" carries out a complex supply of equipment and materials for
cleaning and painting the surface, corrosion-resistant and fire-retardant works.
We offer:
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The company "Daka" gives a guarantee on all goods and services provided!
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All proposed equipment and materials have been tested for compliance
with the regulations and standards of industrial and environmental safety.
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